We are taking this opportunity to inform the Air NORTH Membership as to the current status with regards to where we are as an aviation society during the current worldwide COVID-19 pandemic period, and what our current and future plans are, in order to operate under the Government's guidelines which are now in place – below is a ‘bullet point’ style layout in an attempt to keep clarity and reduce complexity.


  • The last receipt of the Air NORTH Magazine by the Membership was the 'pre-pandemic' February edition. 

  • Our distribution process to ‘get the Mag through your door’ involves at least three-members of our ‘production team’ carrying out a couple of ‘hand-overs’ and visits to the printers and Post Office. 

  • The advice from the Government for the UK public to ‘Stay at Home’ and limit all travel to only essential needs, coincided with the almost complete March Magazine.

  • Therefore the Air NORTH Committee made a decision to ‘hold-press’ on the March Magazine, as we were unwilling to put our production members and others at risk, nor could we justify the journeys involved by us to mail out the magazine, under the present Government restrictions and advice. 

  • When the Government advice with regard to the COVID-19 restrictions is lessened, we intend to mail out the March magazine to the membership.

  • We are predicting that the size and content for the April and May magazines will be unaffected and these too will be mailed out in due course.

  • While we expect that the June and July magazines will suffer a significant shortfall within the movements related sections, we have however already begun a process to ‘fill the void’.


Although nobody can predict the future with regard to the COVID-19 pandemic, and while we are aware that the effects of the virus change on a daily basis, we have attempted to put a process in place whereby we hope to be ‘back on track’ by the Summer. If this was to be the case, then we are confident that we will be able to honour the twelve-monthly magazines you all subscribed to at the beginning of the year.


Stay safe everyone and at some point we’ll emerge on the other side. 

Regards, Peter Ure, Chairman of Air NORTH.




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