The Latest Issue

The front cover photo of the February 2015 issue of Air NORTH features an aircraft mentioned in Glen Auld's latest 'Blast from the Past' installment, the ubiquitous Air Anglia Fokker F-28 PH-MOL.

The rather quiet month of December 2014 at Newcastle Airport is covered as comprehensively as ever inside, but this allows for a superb line-up of 'back half' features, including the start of another United States Travelogue. A major new series begins, 'EGNT Un-published', with as the title suggests, never before published visitors listings from Newcastle Airport in the late 1950s/early 1960s, Part 1 covering April/May 1959, with lots more to follow. Other articles include ....


-Evolution Not Revolution 2014

-A Cumbrian Day Out

-Propliner Pensioners - Part 4

-Great Orton Remembered

-A Most Secret Place – Part 1

-Halloween in Houston – Part 1

-Czechoslovakia & Hungary 1992 - Part 5

-Humberside Air Show 1987

-Vulcan Prototype VX770