The Latest Issue

The front cover photo of the March 2015 issue of Air NORTH features an aircraft once regular at Newcastle Airport flying for one of past scheduled service carriers, now operated as an executive transport.

The at times rather exciting month of January 2015 at Newcastle Airport is covered as comprehensively as ever inside, but again there is plenty of space in the 'back half' for some superby researched and written pieces. Just two highlights are a fascinating look at some of the most famous aircraft of the Second World War, and the less widely known use they served after the end of hostilities, written by our 'Lanc' specialist Peter Ure, and another expertly linked together US Navy piece, courtesy of our resident expert Eddie Douglas. Other articles include ....


-Newcastle Airport Scheduled Service Route Development 2014/15

-A Most Secret Place – Part 2

-Propliner Pensioners - Part 4

-Photo Feature: Wunstorf Ginas

-Halloween in Houston – Part 2

-Czechoslovakia & Hungary 1992 - Part 6